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Our Companies

Stodad Corporation is a consulting organization which offers multi-disciplined engineering, architectural, and computer-aided engineering design services to electric utility companies. The services provided by Stodad Corporation are for new power plant construction, and repowering and modification of existing plant facilities.

The principals of Stodad Corporation have been responsible for numerous engineering and construction projects which embrace a variety of processes and services, including hazardous fluid handling, main and process steam systems and controls, feedwater regulators, boiler fuel systems, auxiliary systems, water treatment plants, and HVAC facilities.

The diversity of our experience has equipped us to seek out and solve complex plant operations problems. While engineering and design is normally executed in our office, we consider detailed and extensive site surveys of existing facilities an essential prerequisite for successful completion of most projects.

Stodad Corporation has a strong committed interest in assisting the power generation, transmission, and distribution companies and the multinational energy companies in their mandate and role in the necessary leap of Nigeria’s industry, economy, social and human capital development into the twenty-first century. These goals can be achieved by increasing the electric generating system capacity and reliability through new construction and by improvements to the existing power generating, transmission and distribution systems in the areas of:

  • Management
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Adequacy
  • Business Practices

Stodad recognizes the magnitude and scope of work required to achieve the long term goals of the companies, and that attainment of those targets will require dedication by all participants in the work.

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