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The Current Energy Situation

Sub-Sahara African countries, with the exception of South Africa, have the lowest per capita electric energy production and consumption in the world and this correlates with poor economic and human capital development in these countries.  A new multilateral cooperation between the United States and American multinational companies, on the one hand, and Sub-Sahara African countries and public and private utilities in those countries, on the other hand, is very much underway.  The urgent need to increase electric energy production and consumption in sub-Sahara Africa has been widely acknowledged and this has culminated in the action taken by President Obama to invite fifty African heads of state to the conference of August 4-6, 2014 in Washington, DC.  Pledges of funds for investments were made at the conference as American companies and the US government acknowledge that future business and employment growth in the United States will depend on improved economic and human capital development in Africa fueled by increased electric energy consumption.


Healthcare Infrastructure

Africa accounts for 11 per cent of the world’s population, yet bears 24 per cent of the global disease burden and commands less than one per cent of global health expenditure. Investment in healthcare infrastructure in Africa has been very low and as a result there is a serious shortage of good quality hospital infrastructure.

Whilst healthcare development in Africa has been long overdue, fast-paced economic growth is the driving force behind the huge recent increase in investment.

The next few years are likely to witness significant increase in hospital development across Africa.  However, developing new healthcare infrastructure, specifically financing capital projects, is a major problem in Africa. Generally there is a dearth of reliable healthcare market information, and further, many in Africa lack medical insurance.  As result developers and investors have to find new ways of assessing investment opportunities and attendant risks.

How TransAfrica Energy and Infrastructure Development, Inc (TEIDI) Can Help

TEIDI has a committed interest in helping sub-Sahara African countries and their private and public power generating companies in seeking and sourcing investment funds in the United States.  The opportunities for funding include new power plants, refurbishing and retrofitting existing plants, off-grid distributed generation, expansion of generating and transmission and distribution system capacity, management and employee training in maintenance and operation, and modernization of spare parts inventory and financial controls.

 TEIDI will also assist private and public healthcare infrastructure institutions in seeking and sourcing investment funds in the United States.  The opportunities for funding include large and medium sized hospitals, specialized smaller networks, such as, women’s clinics and medical equipment funding. Typically, medical equipment makes up between 30 and 50% of all capital requirements for new hospitals and as such finding favorable funding terms is a major potential advantage.


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