What to Expect with Residential Solar Power Installation from Stodad

Residential Solar Power Installation

Stodad Corporation offers Residential Off-Grid Solar Power Systems engineered and prepackaged in four sizes – 3kVA, 6kVA, 9kVA, and 12kVA. If you decide, after reading our February blog, to invest in solar power for your home, you may contact us for additional support. An Off-Grid solar power system is not connected to the grid, so it requires deep cycle, gel cell solar battery energy storage for nighttime use. The choice of the correct size for your home will be determined and recommended by our company from a load analysis of your home and your lifestyle preferences. Site survey and analysis of your property is a free service provided by our company.

The major components of an off-grid solar power installation include the following:

  • Solar modules for DC array system
  • Top of Pole mount rack for the modules
  • Steel pole and concrete foundation
  • Electrical power system
  • Energy storage batteries
  • Miscellaneous panels, protection components, and DC wiring and cabling

Design, engineering, equipment selection and system packaging are based on factors which include US Codes and Standards for residential solar power applications; high quality, durable, safe components; positive brand names and awareness; reputation for excellent after-sales service and warranty coverage; easy to reach manufacturer and to communicate with; honest ethical business dealings.

Our company provides a turn-key installation contract agreement which must be executed and the equipment fully prepaid before mobilization at the site. This service is available to Nigerians at home and to Nigerians abroad who have properties in Nigeria. Qualified customers of Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria may work out an arrangement which will enable the bank to pay our company up front for the installation. We will provide a walk-around tour and maintenance agreement for the power system upon completion of installation and the solar power system is energized. There will be absolutely no worries for our customers. However, allowing an untrained service technician access to our system will void all warranties.  Stodad Corporation will monitor your system to ensure that all components are performing as engineered and specified.

The results of our maintenance and monitoring service for the Stodad EverRun system at GRA Onitsha may be viewed here (STODAD EverRun Performance Report for January and February, 2019). The results for both months clearly show that Stodad EverRun is performing as engineered based on the lifestyle of the customer. The total solar energy production for January was 165.2 kwh and the total energy used by the customer for the month was 138.9 kwh. The excess energy generated by the solar power system for the month was 26.3 kwh. The Stodad EverRun performance for February was even better with a solar energy production of 168.1 kwh against a demand of 114.8 kwh providing a surplus 53.3 kwh for the month. The records of daily battery voltages also show that the batteries were charging and discharging as expected.

The System Design Voltage for all sizes of the Stodad EverRun being marketed is 48 volts DC which will accommodate more solar modules and, therefore, greater current generating capability. Start the process of powering your home with solar energy today by contacting us.