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Major Power Equipment Sale

Coal Fired Power Plant for Sale
(All equipment currently in storage in the USA)

Equipment Details
Turbine-Generator Unit

Tandem compound 3600 rpm, double flow, single reheat with inlet Superheated steam at 2400psig/1000F and Reheat steam at 600psig/1000F

Nameplate rating: 300 MW; Guaranteed Capability: 290 MW
Governor type: Digital
Seven (7) extraction points and low pressure exhaust at 2.5 in. Hg. Abs

Steam Generator
Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) type with flexibility for burning coal and other fuels
Single reheat and balanced draft furnace
Superheater Steam flow: 2,000,000 lbs/hr. at 2500 psig, 1000 F
Reheater steam flow: 1,700,000 lbs/hr. at 600 psig, 1000 F

Turbine exhaust steam flow, 1,347,092 lb/hr
Heat transfer, 367,500 Btu/sec
Exhaust pressure at turbine maximum capability, 3.15 in. Hg. Abs

Boiler Feed Pumps
Two (2) pumps each 50% capacity
Flows: Suction: 2,480 gpm; Interstage: 100 gpm; Discharge : 2,380 gpm
Totaldynamic head: 6,980 ft.

Boiler Feed-water Heaters
Low, Intermediate, and High pressure heaters (7)

The above major plant equipment including all CFB furnace components and associated structural supports, 2014 designed pollution control system, 2014 coal handling system, and all general arrangement drawings, schematic diagrams and technical specifications are included in the sale.

Land space (approx. 25 acres) will be needed for building site area, staging area, fuel supply storage, water supply, ash disposal, lime storage and transportation accessibility; land mass should be free from seismic, hurricane and flood activity.

Load out costs of equipment from storage to ocean vessel, ocean transit freight, delivery to destination project site; feasibility studies including any conversions or fuel switching requirements, engineering, design, construction, installation, startup, commissioning, operation and maintenance, services of design engineers and manufacturer’s representative may be provided, under a separate contract, to the purchaser and new owner upon written request.  Further information may be obtained by email only to:

Amechi J. Aduba, P.E.
215-622-0266 (cell)        

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