Powering Prosperity

Independent Self Study Overview

Welcome to the independent self-study for certification as fossil fuel power generating plant designer, engineer or operator! The study units in this training program are designed to assist you in meeting your personal and professional growth goals. At a time when sub-Sahara Africa is experiencing an immense crisis in fossil fuel power generation, University, College of Technology and Polytechnic graduates, inactive or unemployed power plant personnel provide an abundant resource base from which new, competent generation of designers, engineers, and operators can be trained.  Personnel currently working in power generation and related industries will also benefit immensely from this training program. These study units provide the necessary and essential transition from classroom theory to the real world of power generating plant environment and good practice in operating power plant equipment.  This program, when successfully completed, allows trainees to become productive from day one in any power generating plant environment.

The Penn Foster courses which form the basis of this training program have been carefully selected to address, with immediacy, the human capital development needs of sub-Sahara Africa in power generation.  Penn Foster Career School is one of the oldest and largest distance learning institutions in the United States.  All of the Penn Foster courses in this program are for adult male and female trainees who are interested in taking advantage of “accredited, affordable, self-paced, career-focused” education which will prepare them for today’s and tomorrow’s in-demand careers in power generation.    

 This training program is offered in printed study units which can be retained after certification by the trainee to always provide ready reference for answers and imbue the trainee with confidence in most practical activities related to the design, engineering and day to day operation of fossil fuel power generating plants.  Also, in focusing on power generation, (transmission and distribution are not included in this program) the approach taken in this training program is that being a jack of all trades is much better than being a master of one trade.  The selected study units: The Fundamentals of Power Plant Operation, Power Plant Steam Systems, Power Plant Fuel and Emission Systems, Power Plant Water Treatment, Combustion Turbines, Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment, Power Plant Boilers and Related Equipment, and Station Power in combination with coordinated visits to an actual power generating plant, provide an appropriate physical perception of the diversity of the systems in a power plant.  Trainees who wish to specialize in any specific power plant systems as designers, engineers or operators can make a well-informed decision after this training program.