Powering Prosperity


All prospective trainees interested in taking the Independent Self-Study power generation courses are encouraged to review all parts of the program topics online starting with Part 1. Click on the title of each study unit to navigate to the course description and learning objectives page. If you are interested in the program for your professional development and decide to enroll, you must sign up for pre-registration online by contacting us starting from Part 1. Provide information about yourself such as: full address including town/state, cell phone number, and email address; your educational background including secondary school results, polytechnic and/or university studies and diplomas or degrees earned; and your work experience and professional development goals should be provided in the comments section of the form.

In general we expect that following categories of trainees will benefit from the program:

  • Polytechnic graduates with HND diplomas in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil/Structural, and Chemical Engineering
  • University graduates with degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil/Structural, and Chemical Engineering
  • Engineers in practice in the Gas and Power discipline
  • Engineers and technical personnel of power generating companies

Your pre-registration will be automatically acknowledged upon receipt. After careful review of your pre-registration information, Stodad Corporation will send you an email confirming whether or not you have the prerequisite background for the training program. If you are confirmed as a qualified prospective trainee who can benefit from the program, the confirmation email will also contain the detailed information for you to proceed to a designated bank to pay for the training program.

Payment for the training program will be acknowledged upon receipt. A unique transcript page which can only be accessed online using a unique trainee ID number assigned to you will be set up for you. The date of the shipment of the training materials by DHL to you will also be stated in the acknowledgement email.