Powering Prosperity

Professional Development Overview

Stodad Corporation will organize and lead seminars and workshops to advance engineering and management knowledge pertinent to the power sector operations, including developments in the energy sector and related technology, global, regional, and national developments and public policies. These seminars and workshops fall into two types (i) those of more general interest, targeted at staff of power sector firms as well as stakeholders from the government and related media; and (ii) workshops organized by a specific firm in the power sector on topics tailored to its needs and challenges.

Sector-Wide Seminars

These will be designed to cover sector wide issues related to:

  • Global, Regional and National Developments in the Power Sector and the Implications for Power Sector Firms;
  • Renewable Power Systems
  • Operations Management and
  • Planning and Finance for Power Sector Operations and Related Public Policies

Firm Specific Workshops and Training

    These will be designed by the firm and Stodad Corporation to meet the specific needs of the firm. The topics will include:

    • Planning and Investment Processes;
    • Power Plant Design, Operations and Maintenance;
    • Financial Management;
    • Procurement; and
    • Human Resource Development