Powering Prosperity

Renewable Energy Overview

Stodad Engineering (Nigeria) Limited offers pre-engineered solar power systems for residential and commercial customers based on site specific solar insolation data.  These pre-engineered solar power systems offer wide range of price affordability and lifestyle preferences to customers. These systems are assembled and tested to applicable international standards and regulations, export-packaged, and shipped to customer order.  In Nigeria, customer orders will be processed, delivered, installed, commissioned and maintained by Stodad Engineering (Nigeria) Limited.

Several factors are involved in the preparation of a responsive proposal and solar installation for a client and these include but are not limited to the following:

  • A comprehensive inventory of all electrical loads to be considered and their voltages
  • Determination of site-specific solar insolation and other climate characteristics of the site
  • Physical features of the project site with regard to solar module array location and support – roof-, ground-, or pole-mounted support and the avoidance of shading
  • Customer’s financial expectations and the trade-offs and costs required to meet them
  • Technical support, maintainability and on-going servicing of the solar power system
  • Stodad Engineering works with partner companies to conduct the necessary site work for determining client needs.