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Solar Power Inverter and Solar Power Charger

Solar power inverters and chargers are an important component of grid-tie or off-grid solar power systems which converts DC (Direct Current) electricity from solar batteries or solar module array to AC (Alternating Current) power at the voltages and frequencies required to run many common appliances and equipment. Most modern inverters in commercial use have built-in battery chargers. The chargers can use the low voltage direct current from solar modules or convert mains or standby generator AC supply to DC current for charging and maintaining the charge in the batteries in the solar power system.

The AC power output of an inverter may be 120VAC, 60Hz, single phase or 230VAC, 50Hz, single phase depending on the electric supply of the part of the world where the inverter is in service. The basic output is single phase although additional inverters may be interconnected to provide three phase service, higher voltages, and higher kilowatt capability. Thus, the inverter is an important power adapter in solar power system which allows the use of DC electricity to supply AC electricity to loads in homes without changing the wiring.

Inverters can be used to power residential appliances and loads but they are not economically feasible for use in equipment such as air-conditioners, pumps, compressors which require high inrush currents and additional high investments in solar modules.

Inverter outputs have evolved from “square wave” to “modified square wave” to “pure sine wave”. Square wave inverters are cheap and were the pioneers of early inverters but they have high harmonic distortion which produce heating effects that can damage many common residential appliances. These inverters are practically obsolete. Many inverters in common use are of the modified square wave type. They are cheaper than pure sine wave inverters which provide outputs that are closer to the quality of mains electric supply. Selection of inverters for service requires the consideration of many factors and all inverters included in our pre-packaged systems are of the pure sine wave type.


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