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Solar Power Refrigerator - Nigeria

If you're looking for the best solar powered refrigerators and freezers, then look no further. We provide SunDanzer and Sun Frost solar powered refrigerators and freezers in sizes and capacities which are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

The SunDanzer solar refrigerator products we carry require little-to-no maintenance and are built for a long lifespan. These 12v, 24v, or 48v DC refrigerators and freezers feature extra thick polyurethane insulation and aluminum interiors. SunDanzer products are designed to be highly-efficient and work well in remote areas.

Sun Frost refrigerator models are available in 12v, 24v, 48v DC, or 110v, 220v AC. These products provide excellent energy efficiency, as well as many high-end features, such as high-humidity, food-saving storage, ultra-quiet operation and a simple defrost system. Unlike conventional refrigerators, which consume 75 KWH per month on average, the Sun Frost RF16 solar powered refrigerator only consumes about 15 KWH per month, making it an excellent choice for a solar power system.

Stodad Corporation is committed to bringing solar power systems and components to customers in Nigeria. Contact us to learn more about the solar powered refrigerators and freezers that we provide.