Powering Prosperity

Sun Frost Refrigerators

Looking for an efficient refrigerator for your solar power system? Sun Frost refrigerators have excellent features and will save you electricity. Stodad Corporation provides the following models to our customers in Nigeria:

Sun Frost RF12

This freezer/refrigerator is a single compressor unit that uses a passive cooling system, as opposed to a fan system, and provides excellent efficiency.

Sun Frost RF16

The RF16 is a full-size refrigerator that features two independent cooling systems.

Sun Frost RF19

This model features both a refrigerator and a freezer, and you can choose whether you'd like the freezer to be on the top or bottom. The RF19 has a larger freezer and a slightly smaller refrigerator than the RF16. 

Sun Frost R19

If you're looking for an efficient refrigerator-only model, then the R19 is for you. This product uses a passive cooling systems.

Sun Frost F19

The F19 is an efficient and large freezer-only model. 

Sun Frost R10

This model is a small refrigerator-only product that requires a high base cabinet. 

Sun Frost F10

The F10 is a freezer-only model that fits nicely into a small space. It is identical in size to the R10. 

All Models are available in 12 volt DC, 24 volt DC, 110AC, or 220AC.